What railing is right for my project?

When you start a building project, railings might be the last thing on your mind, but selecting the right railing for your property at the start is essential as it could save you money and time in the long run. Whilst a traditional wooden fence can look good, they often don’t fare well over time, so why not consider a metal railing?

If you are looking to explore options for metal railings, here are some of the products we offer:

Bespoke railings

Our high-end, custom-made railings and bespoke architectural metalwork can be manufactured in any design, including everything from ornate embellishment to sleek and contemporary, or even to match a heritage style.

Decorative railings

Although we have created hundreds of decorative designs throughout the years, our Northumbria, Sovereign, and Malpas lines are the most popular. Each adds design elements to the panels and posts for a stunning result.

Economy railings

Economy railings are made to any height and are made of simple, solid round or square vertical bars. These are ideal for residential, parks, and school projects.

Estate railings 

Deer fencing or estate railings are increasingly popular on residential projects as an economical and unobtrusive boundary fence. The main rails are horizontal rather than vertical and are great for unspoilt views or alongside a new hedge.

Knee rail

If you’re looking for a less invasive type of fencing, the knee rail could be perfect for your project. The low-level fence acts as a deterrent to stop people from treading on grass, plants, or other soft landscaping, or as a lovely but economical choice to block access for cars.

Tubular railings 

Tubular railings were originally created as a solution to the high cost of steel but are now seen as a more attractive option than palisade fencing for perimeter protection. The panel weight and cost are reduced using tubular steel.

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