Supplying Quality Steelwork to The Freight Depot in Gateshead!

Exciting news is on the horizon as we proudly announce our involvement in a new project – The Freight Depot, situated in the growing housing estate at Gateshead.

Having stood vacant for more than 25 years, the former Freight Depot site off the Felling Bypass, a site steeped in history in Gateshead, is set to undergo redevelopment. This ambitious plan includes the construction of 270 new homes.

Steelcraft is set to supply 460 meters of 1200mm Round Bar railings and 151 Derwent Juliet balconies to the site. Crafted entirely from mild steel, our Derwent Juliets boast a sturdy flat frame paired with a convex handrail. The infill bars, measuring 12mm as solid square elements, are strategically spaced to comply with building regulations for a secure finish.

Round bar railings are commonly used as delineate boundary and perimeter fencing, much like bow top railings. The design not only provides a sturdy framework but also adds a touch of visual appeal. The combination of box posts and round bar infill ensures a robust and secure fencing choice.

Why should you choose Steelcraft for your residential projects?

What sets Steelcraft apart is our unwavering commitment to quality assurance. As we embark on this exciting project, we continue reinforcing our reputation as a trusted industry manufacturer, through commitment, high quality products, and securing exciting projects across the UK.

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