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Forjj is a trademark of County Durham-based metalwork producer Steelcraft (NE) Ltd. 

For our 30th anniversary in 2019, we proudly launched a new direct sales website, www.forjj.co.uk. Through both Steelcraft and Forjj, we specialise in manufacturing high-quality mild and stainless-steel metalwork, including balconies, railings, gates, handrails, balustrades, steps, ramps, and secondary steelwork. We have over 30 years of industry experience to our credit and are proud to offer a standard range of metalwork through the Forjj e-commerce platform. 

The Forjj brand provides direct distribution of our standard designs across the country, including Juliet balconies, railings, and gates. We take great pride in the quality of our goods and services, and we have no trouble meeting the demands of both small bespoke orders and larger contracts.

Why order from Forjj?

Made in the UK

We take great satisfaction in the superior quality, dependability, and great value of every Forjj product, which is manufactured in our new County Durham facilities. 

Safety, Strength, and Compliance

Forjj products completely adhere to UK Building Regulations, British Standards, NHBC Technical Guidelines, and BS EN 1090 ('CE' steelwork legal manufacturing standards), thanks to our extensive industry experience and design know-how. 

Our structural engineers have reviewed and certified each Forjj balcony design to make sure the materials and welding details adhere to all applicable regulations.


Forjj products are meticulously packed and inspected at several points before and after manufacture to ensure that they reach you in the same state as when they left the manufacturer. 

Tried & tested

Major residential and commercial construction projects use our products all throughout the UK. The biggest names in the construction sector rely on us to design, produce, and supply high-quality metalwork on schedule, within budget, and according to specifications.

For bespoke solutions, please contact us at Steelcraft, or if you would like to order directly from our e-commerce site, visit us at forjj.co.uk. 

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